Professional stills photographer for over 30 years, with rich experience in press, documentary and geographical photography. In addition, he is a photography exhibitions initiator, curator, and photography books editor. 

Standing behind the lens, Moshe Shai places his subject in the center of his photo, emphasizing the human view, and captures the moment that can tell a life story. 

Moshe Shai photographs for several Photography Agencies, including Getti, Sigma, Corbis, and Anzenberger. Currently he represents the Rapport Press Agency in Israel.  

His experience includes photographing for major Israeli newspapers such as ‘Yediot Aharonot’, ‘Ma'ariv’, and ‘Haertz’. He has also photographed for a variety of International magazines, including Sunday Times, Newsweek, and La Figaro. 


Moshe Shai is frequently interviewed on the Radio and TV regarding photographic subjects, lectures and teaches in various photography institutions.  

Speaks Hebrew, English, and Spanish.